Communications strategy for heritage policy of Brabant

Thanks to a rich past, North-Brabant possesses a wealth of heritage: monasteries, factory buildings, estates, forts and castles. In order to keep the importance of heritage on the social agenda, communicating permanently and with wit, is necessary. In 2016, Connect was given the assignment to assist the province in communications advice, strategy and campaigns for a period of three years.


The province of North-Brabant asked for a strategic approach regarding the project communications of the cultural heritage sites they managed, as well as for an overall implementation plan regarding heritage. They chose Connect, with a framework contract for policy and strategic communications. This assignment will continue for 3 years and demands an employability of 45 hours per week, divided between 2 employees.


For her heritage, the province has four strong storylines: religious, administrative, defensive and innovative Brabant. In order to bring these stories to the people, we developed a communications strategy. The core message is “There is more of Brabant in you than you think!” A broad communications programme breaches the wrongful image of dusty heritage sites with fresh pictures and a playful tone of voice.

Communications can make heritage climb the social value-ladder.


The start of the communications plan was a wide-spread campaign at the end of 2016, with advertisements on public buses, in newspapers and on the internet. In the next few years, the communication strategy will be further developed.

Facts & Figures

  • The province participates in 14 projects of reallocation of heritage sites.
  • Four main stories form the backbone of the policy and communications plan.
  • Our office in Eindhoven is located in one of the most iconic industrial heritage sites of Brabant: Strijp-S. That is where the Philips brothers started a light bulb factory in 1891.
Communications strategy for heritage policy of Brabant Communications strategy for heritage policy of Brabant Communications strategy for heritage policy of Brabant