Smart Mobility in the most innovative region of the Netherlands

Smart Mobility is one of the main priorities of the mobility policy of the province of North-Brabant. Thanks to contributions of the State and commercial parties, 1 billion euros is reserved for reinforcing the mobility in the region during the next few years. An important part of this budget is used for smart mobility solutions, including a Smart Mobility-test track of 70 kilometres between Helmond and Tilburg. The communication assignment will continue until 2019.


Smart Mobility is an ambitious, innovative but also complex project. Cooperation is essential. Governments, semi-governmental organizations and commercial parties all play a role, but because of that, there is an inflation of structures, programmes and secondary assignments. The province of North-Brabant needed a strategic communications agency to develop a clear plan. That agency is Connect.

The Province of North-Brabant doesn’t believe that traffic congestion problems can be solved with more asphalt alone.


The communications challenges are enormous. We had to think of everything from informing the regular road user to attracting innovative companies that want to invest in smart mobility applications. The Province is experimenting with the complete ITS-spectrum, up until the implementation of the newest technology on planned road construction projects. More than enough communications materials, one would say. We bring order to the chaos of interesting themes and we make sure they’re ready to be communicated. In the meantime, we’re reinforcing the internal communications between all stakeholders using an environmental analysis. Our team is active in Den Bosch as well as in Helmond.


The assignment will continue until 2019. So far, we have worked on presenting the pioneering efforts of the Province of North-Brabant and her partners to the public. Simultaneously, we’re strengthening the internal communications between all stakeholders, to ensure that the momentum of their innovative power is retained.

Facts & Figures

  • The eye catcher is the 70-kilometre Smart Mobility test-track between Helmond and Tilburg.
  • In total, approximately 1 billion euros is invested in the accessibility of South-Netherlands, a large part of which is used for Smart Mobility.
  • Dozens of parties are involved in the project, including the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Rijkswaterstaat and the 5 largest municipalities of North-Brabant (B5).
Smart Mobility in the most innovative region of the Netherlands